The Dark and Lonely Road – an update

It’s no secret that D&L is the most popular thing on this blog. Or maybe the only popular thing. As it’s been two months since the most recent chapter went up, I think I owe you, my readers, an explanation.

I have a complete first draft! I have reworked the first chapter, fixed a number of inconsistencies and tried to break up some repetitive language. Currently I am fixing some third act issues. So, fear not, I have not abandoned the work. However I feel so good about this book that I intend to seek proper publication and I think it’s best not to put the entire manuscript online.

So I’m at something of a crossroads with regard to the updates. Do I put one more chapter up? Two? Or do I stop, having most recently put up a strong chapter that I’m proud of?

Anyway I wanted to reassure those of you who have been invested in the story and are wondering if I’m still on it, and if you will have the chance to read the whole thing, one way or another: reckon that’s so.

Author: Sean Gates

Sean is an aspiring screenwriter, novelist, a trained artist and photographer, an avid reader, film buff, sports fan, working man, bird hobbyist, social liberal, fiscal conservative, and occasional smartass. He also enjoys craft beers, pizza, and long lonely walks wondering just where the hell his life went wrong.

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